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Thank you for your interest in Progummy! Are you curious about what change we are making for kids programming education? Check out this page for an overview.


  1. 🌐The Challenges of Online Programming Lessons🌐
  2. ✨ Why Progummy? ✨
  3. 🚀 What’s Progummy? 🚀
  4. ❤ Progummy’s features #1
  5. ❤ Progummy’s features #2
  6. ❤ Progummy’s features #3
  7. 👩‍💻 How to use Progummy

🌐The Challenges of Online Programming Lessons

Before introducing Progummy, let’s talk about the changes in child programming education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, children used to gather at a local programming school and take lessons together in a lively and active way. However, the pandemic changed things completely, and programming courses at many schools are being taught online.

Programming is a foundational area in the IT field, so you may think programming is easily adaptable to online lessons. Actually, online programming classes turned out to be full of complex challenges.

The challenges for teachers 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

☠Need to have children share the screen to constantly check their progress.
☠Lesson preparation takes even more time.

The challenges for students 👦👧

☠Lonely and boring with longer waiting time.
☠Uncomfortable to ask questions.

The challenges for parents 👨👩

☠Need to be excessively PC literate.
☠Need to constantly be around children, which takes time and effort.

Online lessons take time and require additional effort to function on top of the class curriculum, which is the most important. In many cases, compared to physical classes, online classes are a more difficult environment as it is harder to focus on teaching and learning programming.

✨Why Progummy?✨

Progummy can be an effective solution for those who must now face the new challenges of online teaching.

The benefits for teachers👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

🍎You can check the program in an unshared screen at any time during online lessons!
🍎You can show the actual operation when verbal communication is not enough to explain!
🍎You can make a group work lesson even in an online class!

The benefits for students 👦👧

🍎It’s fun to program together with friends in real time!
🍎No need to share the screen all the time!
🍎Teaching and learning from each other will improve skills.

The benefits for parents 👨👩

🍎No need to spend lots of time learning a complex new skill.
🍎No need to stay with children for the PC operation during online lessons.

Progummy can help you solve your problems. What’s more, collaborating with friends can make learning programming more enjoyable✨

🚀What is Progummy? 🚀

Now you get the point! Let us answer the biggest question. What is Progummy?

Progummy is a visual programming tool which enables collaborative real-time editing. Real-time editing means different users can edit the same project at the same time.

The CEO of Progummy, Mr. Yasuhiro Ishibashi, was inspired when he was teaching visual programming to his own son sitting on his knees. “If we can program together like Google documents, it would be much easier to teach, and we could make games together!” And so the development of Progummy began.

Let’s take a look at the features of Progummy!

<Visual Programming Tool>

A visual programming tool is any programming tool that enables program creation by drag-and-drop mouse control with the programming elements split into individual parts or blocks and expressed visually. It has many features to make programming easy for users unfamiliar with programming such as children and beginners.

❤Progummy’s features #1

Collaborative program creation with different users in real time

Years ago, if you wanted to create a program with someone, you and your co-editor needed to create a program separately and then merge them into one file. Merging is not a simple just copy and paste job. It needs investigation of each program in every detail to find out the differences and adjust either one to the other. It becomes more difficult to find out the difference when a program is more complicated. In case one part is edited by different users at the same time, you have to talk and decide which edit must be applied.

No such tiring work in Progummy! We can make a program together in real time.

❤Progummy’s features #2

Web application that can be used by just accessing

No need to download software. Only an internet connection is needed to get started.

❤Progummy’s features #3

Developed based on Scratch 3.0

Progummy is developed based on Scratch 3.0, which is widely accepted at schools in many countries and has 59 million users all over the world (as of September 2020). Users familiar with Scratch can use Progummy smoothly.

I hope this page helped you get a rough grasp on Progummy.

👩‍💻How to use Progummy

If you are interested in using Progummy, please contact us by email at the address below. You can try for free!


We hope to hear from teachers/staff members of programming schools and students who want to try visual programming with friends! 😆




Progummy is a visual programming language which enables real-time collaboration and learning amid physical distance. https://progummy.com/