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2 min readJun 9, 2021

Hello! 😊
In this article, I'll explain the basic usage of progummy.

⚠Please read the following before using⚠

🍎Progummy is a web application for visual programming that features collaborative editing, developed based on the source code of Scratch 3.0 (Scratch official site).
🍎The URL to be provided can be shared with and used by the people agreed upon in advance.
🍎Progummy is still under development and bugs still exist. Please let us know if you notice any problems. We appreciate your feedback on the matter.
🍎Recommended browser:Google Chrome


・Screen Description
・Customize Costumes or Sound
・Detailed Instructions and Tips

Screen Description

Customize Costumes or Sound

Changes in costumes, sound, or backdrops are currently unable to be shared in real time. Click 🚀 button to share the changes you made.



The following functions of Scratch are currently not supported in Progummy. We are working hard to update our application properly. Please wait for the time being.

・Save to the cloud

Detailed Instructions and Tips

This article introduces the basic usage of Progummy. For a detailed explanation or useful tips for real time editing, please refer to this article.👀

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✉ info@progummy.com




Progummy is a visual programming language which enables real-time collaboration and learning amid physical distance. https://progummy.com/